Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Thousand Days At Sea

It’s hard to believe I am in the middle of a lull at work. I’m hard-pressed to remember the last time I had a free moment like this. It will be short-lived though, I am sure, as I’m waiting for (hopefully) the last round of revisions to a thorny, protracted project that needs to go off to press tomorrow morning (finally!). What better way to spend the next few minutes than to update this blog, to let you know I am still alive and well and happy.

Heard today about the amazing 1000-day voyage of Captain Reid Stowe. Stowe (together with a young photographer called Soanya Ahmed) is today on his 121st day at sea. The goal is to sail a 70-foot schooner called Anne (in honor of Stowe’s mother) for a thousand days, circumnavigating the world three times, without re-entering any harbor, refuelling or re-supplying. I think it is absolutely, absolutely fascinating. I’ve read up on their mission statement, checked out their blog, and have become an instant fan. I have always wanted to learn how to sail, and maybe this is a little reminder for me to not put the dream on hold for so long. There were/are a number of boat-builders and sailors in my family, which must explain my own inclinations.

“The mere act of setting sail can send knowledge of the daily misdeeds of politicians and other scoundrels to simply disappear in the welcome wind. I daresay that Peace can be found on the water far more easily than when on the land, while keeping track of the daily news of man.”


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