Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thanks!...I think

Nick Bracegirdle, aka Chicane, says one of his most memorable live gigs was in Moscow’s Red Square. He recounts that lots of vodka was being passed around and the whole atmosphere was just crazy. But that audience was “positively sane” compared to the crowd Chicane played to in Manila, he continues. “They’ve all completely lost the plot over there.”

Thanks!...I think. Someone help me out -- did he mean this in a good, cheeky sort of way, or what? I was genuinely sad to have missed Chicane both times they were in Manila, each time over a different reason that makes for an interesting story. No, I shall not recount them here, suffice it to say that I mean to haul my rapidly aging ass down if they ever visit again.

So. Break’s over. I just HATE working on a Sunday night :(


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