Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturdays Are Better. Mondays Too.

My to-do lists fly out the window on Sundays, whether I want them to or not. No matter how clearly I have laid out in my mind on Friday all my nefarious/not-so-nefarious plans, by Sunday morning I draw a blank. I’ve spent most of today lounging at home and surfing. It sounds ideal, considering how crazy busy last week was. But when I think about the start of another workweek tomorrow, plus the stuff that I “need” to have ready for Monday (none of which I have touched as of this posting), I get that “last meal before execution” feeling. On the whole, I don’t like Sundays. To me they feel melancholic and...sticky.

It’s a dark and windy Manila today, courtesy of Typhoon Mina. I’d already charged my gadgets, set out candles and a flashlight, etc. in anticipation of a whopper like last year’s Milenyo..who could forget that? But as it turns out, the typhoon has altered its course, heading higher north now. I hope the folks in Catanduanes and Aurora stay safe.

That’s it for now. Just checking in since it has been a while.


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