Friday, November 30, 2007


Every other local blog today has something to say about yesterday’s events in Makati. Here’s mine:

Trillanes’ Oakwood stunt in 2003 was bad enough, I can’t even think of what to call his actions yesterday. It does seem that this guy and his cohorts can’t make up their minds about how they want to conduct themselves -- so-called officers and gentlemen one day, foggy-minded adventurists the next.

It was unbelievable that he actually ran and WON a seat in the Senate, while facing charges for rebellion (Hello? Comelec? Anyone home?). No, I didn’t give him my vote, but it seems enough of our compatriots thought he would do a good job as Senator. Yeah, we’re nice that way, unfortunately.

So what does the Senator do with those votes? He walks out of his own trial, seizes a luxury hotel in the heart of the financial district and calls on all of us to come and support him. After it dawns on him that no one was coming, he and his band of 30-odd supporters surrender (yet again), saying they could not live with their conscience if anyone got hurt. Nice. Wonder if they thought of that before they started their day.

My belief is it takes a lot more fortitude to keep breathing change everyday than to take a heavy hand and make demands.


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