Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dakota And Samara

My brother is my scary-movie partner. We skip the slasher and gore festivals, but do get excited about the good-ol' horror films that turn up every so often. What we've seen lately:
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This movie will never make us look at deer the same way again. The Ring 2 is sufficiently scary, though it gets a little stale. The first one was more dramatically-lit, with all those memorable green tones and eerie visuals. The original Japanese version did not make a dent on me at all. Sorry. The Asian Horror Flick is an acquired taste, I guess.
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I don't think this movie would have gone anywhere had it not been for the big-name celebrities attached to it. But really, Robert de Niro as the father of Dakota Fanning? It would have helped if the actor who played his wife was young, but Amy Irving was just as wrinkly as he was. Nothing remarkable about the story or writing, though it was a bit disturbing. Hang on for the M. Knight Shymalan-style twist at the end.


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