Thursday, February 17, 2005

Movie Night

After two back-to-back meetings yesterday, we went to see Constantine.

I liked it the way I like most comic book-to-film adaptations I've seen-- I don't expect much and so I enjoy what comes up. I guess it helps that I don't actually read graphic novels, so I have no pre-conceived notions about the film.

Both costume and production design were good, though. I liked his flat (suspiciously-clean tub and bath tiles, though), and that workspace-library-thing behind the bowling lanes owned by Constantine's purveyor-friend (too bad I couldn't find a good still of this with the lane gears and the colored jars seemingly screwed to the low ceiling). I particularly enjoyed the Alhambra-inspired "backroom":

What fun, eh? Production design was by someone named Naomi Shohan (Training Day, American Beauty). Interestingly, when they asked director Francis Lawrence what his influences were in defining the mood and look for film, he cited Training Day. Cinematography is by Philippe Rousselot, one of my favourites. He lit A River Runs Through It, Interview With A Vampire, and this really strange 80's French film Diva (if you totally get that one, I'd say you're lying). Anyone from UP Film, raise your hand.

Before the movie Carlo, Ron and I were talking about animated and sci-fi films we'd seen. I mentioned The Quay Brothers and Streets of Crocodiles, whose imagery is truly haunting.


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