Monday, December 27, 2004

Holiday Cheer

How was your Christmas? Mine was quiet but nice, having spent it with family both immediate and extended over the last few days. We just had our family reunion last night -- attendance was not at an all-time high, but we nevertheless enjoyed each other's company. I am still warm and fuzzy :) And the food, must I remember all that food!? Augh!

Tomorrow is our LAST film shoot day (thunderous applause). I cannot wait to get it done. I am wired and rather irritable. I am in fact sneaking this entry, taking a breather from production preparations. Tomorrow we are shooting 13 sequences in 2 separate locations. 3 of these sequences require food set-ups. Our on-cam menu for tomorrow includes:

Cereal + milk
Green salad
A bucket of fried chicken
Pansit sa Bilao
2 Roasted Chickens
Fresh Lumpia
Lots of Drinks

Here’s to the wrap. And here’s wishing you good, good things for the remainder of the holidays. God bless us all.


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