Thursday, March 10, 2005

Adventures In Medication

I know exactly what to do today. For work, I mean. So I know I can afford a few minutes to blog -- I have missed it so. This Great Time-Suck Of A Hobby can be addicting.

My brain has been working overtime lately. So many things to think about, I imagine I can hear it creaking. After an initial blunder with Xanor® last night, enter Iterax®. Originally prescribed to me by my flawless-skinned dermatologist (her name is Loverne) for my own less-than-immaculate complexion, I have discovered (lo and behold!) that it is an anti-anxiety drug on top of being an antihistamine. How clever! What an interesting dual-purpose! Never mind that she forgot to tell me this bit of info when she wrote out the prescription.

I feel justified in having taken one last night since my allergies are flaring up again. It just so happens that I am maiming two birds with one stone. Twelve hours later, I can still feel Iterax's soothing effects. Is my skin better this morning? A little. And am I less anxious? I think so. Either that, or I'm just fretting in slow motion. Woooo-hooooo.


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