Thursday, April 14, 2005

Skeptic-Cynic Rears Ugly Head

There are predictions flying around of a massive earthquake or some other natural disaster due to hit manila today at 5pm. Whatever seismic extravaganza’s supposed to happen it is an hour and forty minutes late now. I am strangely annoyed by this vibe of impending doom. My mom phoned to tell me to “take care”. It’s very sweet of her, but really, if indeed some wall of water or huge chasm opens up to deliver you back to the dark ages as the nuns or psychics say, what kind of care would you need to take in order to survive it? If you survive, they’ll say it’s a miracle. If you don’t, they’ll say it was your “time to go”. What’s with this: “I don’t believe it, but it’s best to be safe”. Oh and always, the disclaimer: “If you pray hard enough, you may be able to avert it.” So, if it doesn’t happen, everyone’s prayers are answered. If it happens, you didn’t pray hard enough. Some days, I can’t stand this kind of logic.


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