Monday, October 03, 2005

Last September...

Our plates have been pretty full the last few weeks and it looks like it will be this way for at least a few more. But I have been having “blog withdrawal” and so here I am. As Rex and his Mrs. Scott put it, “Without further ado-do”, bits of September, in no particular order:

1. Youth, Fitness and Fear-of-Embarrassment-As-Motivator Went Running.
My brother Mikki, Carlo and I, along with friends Juliet and Abe, joined a fund-raising run one bright Saturday. The results: 12km. for C, 16km. for me, and my brother -Youth Personified- a very impressive 32km. Pasta nights, gummy worms and cornflakes make very good fuel.
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2. My favourite dining partner and I discovered a good Vietnamese restaurant.

3. SEC became our friend. Sort of.
We finally have our business registration papers from the Securities and Exchange Commission. You’d think they would be a little more efficient and keen to help you with your queries, considering you are bringing in business. But no. Nevertheless, know that this process can be done on your own (as we did). Also, the people on the ground floor are much nicer than the people on the upper floor (and yes, you will have to go through both). After all the rude, brash, and annoying people both in the queues and behind the counters, you’d want to sing praises to anyone remotely polite. We kept each others’ spirits up and rewarded ourselves with Malacca Desserts (for Carlo) and this for me:
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4. We fell neck-deep in fabric.
Costume Season collides with a rather unexpected production project. Will post whatever photos we manage to take when all’s done.

5. We fell in love with Manila.

6. 9/11 Terrier Attacks
The Herman family’s beloved toy fox terrier, Yoda, fell ill this month. Their long-time vet chalked up the dog’s aches and pains to “old age” (the dog is just 7 years old), and quite brusquely told them to “accept the inevitable”. A second opinion with a more sensitive vet had Yoda on medication and feeling much better. So much so that after a nice dinner at the Herman home, she decided to bite me. Her little jaws though, simply couldn’t make any kind of contact with my shin, so instead she tried to rip my pant leg. No luck there either, so she zipped back to her basket and sat there prettily. The whole thing took about 3 seconds. The Hermans, while overjoyed that the dog had so obviously sprung back to life, graciously held back their smiles while attending to their shaken guest. Glad I could help.
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7. I had a ton of Chinese food.
With my brother on a Sunday night; with talented friends Monica and Chelle on a rainy Saturday lunch; with C’s family for dinner; with friends in Binondo.

8. We had a ton of Vegetarian food.
Carlo has fallen in love with Bodhi. It’s such an interesting concept-- vegetables disguised as meat.

9. I enjoyed the company of new friends.

10. I belatedly realized that some old friends aren’t really good friends at all :(

11. We attended The Mythology Class.
Our friend Arnold Arre launched a special edition of his graphic novel, The Mythology Class. During his booklaunch at Powerplant, he recounted his brush with Marvel-dom, and suggested that things turned out the way they did for a reason, one of them being this book. I must agree, and say success couldn’t have happened to a nicer or more talented human being.
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12. My bathroom got an update.
For whatever reason, my darling yaya mistook a can of Pylox for Lysol, and “disinfected the loo" with it. I am currently enjoying my metallic silver toilet seat.

13. I realized yet again that I cannot control other people’s attitudes, and stopped caring so much. It was liberating.

14. We took a lot of nice drives.

15. We had dinner with a bunch of talented designers.

16. Over coffee I heard a couple of real-life love stories with happy endings. One was Cynthia and Arnold's, and the other was our own.


Blogger Carlo said...

I had a talk with Yoda. She is sorry na daw.
She is also requesting that you come in shorts next time. I dunno why.

October 04, 2005 12:11 PM  
Blogger Eli said...

I like this entry. Wala lang. I just like it.

October 09, 2005 8:26 PM  
Blogger nini said...

' glad. :) thanks!

October 11, 2005 6:49 PM  

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