Thursday, July 08, 2004


Last night I attended my first Philippine Mac Users Group meeting. This one was set up specifically for Philmug Photographers. Nothing unusual about this, except I don’t use a mac (yet?), nor am I a digital photographer. My special pass came through friend Carlo, the evening’s “vivo”. It was a fun bunch, a bit like having dinner with a roomful of Inspector Gadgets. Thanks, and cheers folks.

Today my aunt returned a book I had lent her, A Death In Venice by Thomas Mann. An underlined passage: “Art…is life raised to a higher power. It gives a deeper pleasure and exacts a quicker toll.”

Whose head is Judith holding?


Blogger Carlo said...

Uuuuuuuy Klimt!

I love milk and I love Klimt so rich and so creamy. Oh whoa whoa whoa whoooa whooooooa... I love Klimt!!!

July 08, 2004 5:27 PM  

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