Saturday, July 03, 2004

Saturday Salad

Last night was good. Mikel is all grown up, as expected. We were on a time-limit from his mum, so after dinner we swung by Greenbelt for a “speed drink” and made some plans. He wants to learn how to surf while he’s here, so we will. He already windsurfs, so it shouldn’t be as difficult. He likes the water. Yup. We’re related.

Today I met up with my girl friends for lunch, because good friend Kats is here. An intelligent, cool chick molding minds in an Iowa University, she’s always great fun to be around. After eating a serving of almond salad bigger than my head, I went shopping for work supplies, swung by “the office” for more work-related drivel, dashed off a couple of emails to dear friends, and now…wait for it… I’m off to Alabang Hills to line up for my annual car sticker renewal.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this day. But I am so ready to jump out of my own skin right now.


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