Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Kick Me

I spent the entire day yesterday in Divisoria, buying materials for a project. I would have taken less time, but my mom (who really knows her way around) also had her own list of things to purchase. She navigates Divisoria like she was in a trance. My mother is one of those beautiful, intelligent creatures who will just as easily operate on instinct and heart, and I adore it. But when we’re shopping, it drives me a little crazy. Most people trying to sell her things become impatient, even awed, by the amount of time it takes her to make a decision. Being my mother’s daughter I worry that I will fall prey to genetic manifest destiny and share in this tendency to plod. So far so good, though (I think). Never mind that I’ve many times made decisions for the sake of simply deciding. But I digress.

After a number of run-ins with rude sellers (the majority of them are sweethearts, though), miscalculating yardage (how’s that for a phrase), and running across Recto holding a filthy pair of child’s slippers (long story), I was uh, no longer happy to be there, and was glad to be heading home. Normally, a trip to Divisoria always scores lots of fun points with me, but yesterday was just…exhausting.

Hazards of the job I guess.

Today was no less strange. Lots of crazy work. Rain and gusty wind, no sunshine at all today, and it’s been unsettling. I discovered that I had completely forgotten about a substantial “financial obligation” due TOMORROW. My mind has been elsewhere for weeks. I’d kick myself but I have bad aim.


Blogger vcalanog said...

Divisoria tip: Learn a few simple phrases in Fookien. Even more discounts.

July 03, 2004 1:43 AM  

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