Monday, August 09, 2004

Forgetful Jones

I used up almost an hour searching for my glasses this morning. Looked at all the places I thought I could have left them in, and when they didn’t turn up, I started checking the unlikely spots. No luck either. Maybe I’ll check inside the fridge, as there is nowhere else left to look. There is a very potent wedge of blue cheese in there that seems capable of snitching small objects to entertain itself.

Last weekend the same thing happened with my handbag—I searched for it everywhere before realizing I had set it down somewhere to grab the car keys. Finally finding the bag, I then realized I had misplaced the car keys, and spent further precious minutes hunting those down too.


Finally! The head stitches were removed yesterday. They were replaced by a kind of surgical tape, and then dressed, so it turns out I’m still bandaged anyway. At a dinner out last week, friends noticed that I got service much more quickly and efficiently than they did, and wondered if it was because of the bandage. (“Waiter’s mental note # 72: mustn’t upset hungry woman with head wound”).


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