Thursday, July 29, 2004

Globe Alabang Is A Black Hole

2-year old Olivia is in the house. I have a number of crucial supplies to keep her occupied whenever she is here—a box of pastels, a tray of colored pencils, watercolor paints, a few books and cheese in the fridge. There is also a mini hand-cranked paper shredder that she occasionally likes to use (with adult supervision).  I can hear her now in the living room, humming the Mr. Bean theme song while she draws. I estimate this will buy me about 3 minutes of peace.

It was a busy morning, but things calmed down after lunch. I went to the Globe office in the Town Center to pay my phone bill (one of the few bills I still can’t pay through my bank). They remodeled last year and decided to replace the single large counter with individual kiosks for their service reps. It was a lousy idea if you ask me. The kiosks are trite with their metal cladding and supposedly ergonomic stools that are in reality meant to keep customers from sitting comfortably and taking up too much time. Each tiny table holds a laptop, tangle of cables in plain view (why are there even cables?). Underneath is a shelf always spilling with flyers and pamphlets. Clutter everywhere. An office with lousy design, lousy lighting. There is a smaller, traditional counter (also stacked with flyers) where one lines up for bills payments--even though there are two separate teller areas, only one is open every time I’m there. It bothers me because there are always 2 people sitting there but for some reason, only one of them processes payments. Last month we asked the teller why they didn’t both handle customers since the line was so long. She actually said, referring to the other girl, “Ngayon lang siya mag lu-lunch break.” I was tempted to get sarcastic, but decided the effort would be lost on someone with so little imagination.

Today, I encountered the same kind of flat, uninterested service. 

It now occurs to me that I don’t really like going there after all. Will get that bill paid some other way next month.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned. I like a little cheer from people I deal with.  I don't need (nor really want) sunshine and smiles all round, just the tiniest speck of "pleasant" will be appreciated. Is that so much to ask for in this day and age? Why must you all look

(crickets and a gentle breeze)

I’m old fashioned.


Blogger Eli said...

This is why.. paying through ATM is the bomb. Man, even the ATM wishes you a good day.

July 29, 2004 11:30 PM  
Blogger nini said...

Yes. You know things must be getting bad if a machine is friendlier than a human being.

July 30, 2004 10:08 AM  
Blogger Cyn said...

I hate having high standards for service in Service Centers. I can't recall any great service from anywhere in the Philippines, except one: AVSurfer Rockwell, which was exceptionally friendly and accomodating, though still slooooowww as hell. Anyway, I gave up on expecting good service, and I pay all my bills on line. It's so so so so much easier!

July 31, 2004 9:22 PM  

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