Monday, July 19, 2004

It's Monday

The theme from “The Mission” was playing in my head this morning. Will I be strapped to a wooden cross and go plunging over a waterfall this week?

Had a full weekend that involved children and good friends. Friday dinner and wine with some of the girls. We marveled at the fact that we are all friends despite our (sometimes huge) differences in personality. Spent Saturday with my baby sister, Olivia. We went to the Fort Bazaar together (not so great), and then Alabang Town Center to run some errands (and a carousel ride for her). Between those two points she managed to consume two hotdogs and two flavors of Dippin Dots. Not bad for a two year old. On Sunday, I attended the dedication of a friend’s baby. I was with a whole bunch of girlfriends, and it was lovely spending time with them again. One of them said she was happy they were seeing me more often. I was touched.

There was another puddle of water on the office floor this morning. Will ring the plumber yet again. Almost two months ago he came in to repair a clogged storm drain, and did such a shoddy job of it – the drain seems to be fine, but now there’s water coming in through a hole he made inside the house. He’s been here twice to fix it, and still, this puddle. Groan.

A little update on the magazine layout I wrote about a few weeks ago. The project head sent the articles back to the writers, advising them to re-edit. According to him, they were genuinely bewildered and said they didn't see the need for editing. “If I was to chose another school, maybe I’d chose another one…” and they can’t bloody see why it needs editing.



Blogger Carlo said...

theory ko sa puddles:
Ghost dog yan. It's a phantom puppy who had too much to drink. ü

July 19, 2004 1:22 PM  

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