Friday, July 16, 2004

This Week, I...

1.   designed something I actually liked.
2.   met yet another cousin I didn’t know existed.
3.   wrote a heartfelt email to an old friend.
4.   hit 7 different malls in 2 days for work.
5.   had a violinist play a few bars of “The Sheltering Sky” theme for me.

6.   joked with someone about throwing a common “friend” out of a plane. Her response, “Do you want me to help you?”
7.   had dinner with friends I’ve known almost 20 years.
8.   ate a Smores® fondue.
9.   had my radiator hose spring a leak.
10. ran like a woman possessed.
11. missed a dinner.
12. walked with someone and was charmed.
13. was given a lychee by a street vendor, and was touched.
14. spent time in a number of banks.
15. unearthed old poems I’d written.
16. started re-reading The English Patient.
17. had even stronger suspicions I’m allergic to red wine.
18. will be drinking more wine anyway.
19. discussed the pleasures of Xanor®.
20. slept beside my baby sister.
21. saw someone’s paintings, and was impressed.
22. was issued a cheque dated 2000.
23. ate a bag of chips.
24. ate a piece of Valrhona chocolate cake.
25. ate really good grilled vegetables.
26. did not buy flowers.
27. received two baby shower invitations.
28. drove too much.
29. talked to a friend about married life.
30. fell asleep listening to Gabriel Yared.


Blogger Tee said...

that is one neat list. and reading all the other accounts i realized how i like the way you write. you should be publishing more. i am no literary connoisseur. i just usually read for life and i believe there is so much of that in here. keep scribbling my friend :)

July 18, 2004 12:23 AM  
Blogger nini said...

Thanks, t. Hope you've been well.

July 19, 2004 10:45 AM  

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