Wednesday, April 26, 2006

1 Giant Leap

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My first trip to Hongkong was as an adult, and for work, only a few years ago. I remember having very little free time, and even less money for shopping. I swore though that I would look for this album, because it wasn’t available in Manila at the time. I flew home with new memories (oh, how cliché), a few store-bought things, and this gem.

The album is years old now, but I still love it. The first time I saw the documentary on television, I could not stop crying, and to this day still cannot sufficiently explain why it moved me so. Nowadays I listen to the album only very occasionally, and while some of the selections slowly lean towards the dated, on the whole it is still marvelous. I still get a lump in my throat, and certain passages still get me teary-eyed.

I sure would like to know what Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman are up to now. If they ever work on a sequel, I do hope they revisit Asia and spend some time in the Philippines. A trip here would yield a lot of material, I am sure. We have been described as a people who “sing through the skin”, and I have to agree. Our lives are set to music here, for good or ill.

A sudden, unceremonious return this is, considering I haven't been posting for a number of months now. A bit of what I've been up to next time.


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thankghod!!! she's back

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