Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Megaphone For The Ordinary Man And Woman

I did it.
I finally caved in and started a blog.

It took a while to decide. Balked because I had privacy issues (obviously, this is NOT the activity of choice if that were my priority). But having ironed those out, here I am.

How are you? Good.

My best and truest friend -- my only sister, died three years ago. And then, at the start of this year, the boy I had shared a life with for four years decided, over a fabulous New Year’s dinner, (I'm gisting here) that he would rather be somewhere else without me. (Unhappy memories aside, I still highly recommend the lamb at Gaudi, for those of you who don’t have problems eating bleating animals.)

For those of us who are lucky (and perhaps picky) enough, life hands over one or two confidants, the truest and dearest kind. I feel that I have lost both of mine, and so here I am.

I promise less pathos next entry.


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